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IS Mumbai Still Safe for our Sisters.

Its really a shame what happened in Mumbai past week. Mumbai was so called safe place for woman, is no more safe. As a 23 year old Photojournalist was brutally gang raped by 5 monsters in the heart of the city in a deserted Mill.

Its a slap on all our faces and its the high time to strengthen our judicial system. With harsh punishment for the monsters who does it. My personal opinion is that the culprits should not be given a death punishment, because death will be a very small punishment for them. They should die each and everyday & every day they should ask for death or rather plead for death.

I think both their hands and legs should be chopped off and should be left on streets to beg . Then they will understand the pain and will die each and every day. This is the justice which should be implemented. strictly

This will make sure that no one dares to do this sought of crime again.

And as an old proverb says that as you sow so shall you reap is pretty correct. We should groom our childrens in a better way. We should educate them. Correct them when they do any thing wrong and show them the right path.

Because its all in our hands. We should first be a role model for them. This way we can reduce the crime rate that is alarmingly increasing in our city as well as in our country.

I would recommend education and only education which will bring end to this crime rate. Because as we see the crime are usually done by illiterate youths. I know is education is little expansive in private schools.

But our government have opened lots of schools where eduction is free and given afternoon healthy meals. Which is a help for any poor families.

Educate your child make your child a better citizen. And teach them how to respect each women as their our sisters.

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