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How to reduce cost of complaints?

For instance, if there is a customer who didn’t got good service from our company he might end up putting something negative on the internet. Which might harm the reputation of the website/ business.

Following below are some of my suggestions which can help to maintain the reputation. Obviously there are some cost involved in it which might incur in the process of doing this. But doing so it will only increase our brand value.

  1. If we see any complaints on any form or social media. We should be quick enough to reply for their grievance. For ex there was one of my client called for ex, ABC (I am not giving the real name since I have not taken permission from them to publicize their name), which was basically into hair and scalp treatment. Since the number of clients were more.  So it was obvious that some clients didn’t feel they got the correct type of service which they deserved. So some of the customers go online and put some negative comments. Hence I was responsible for eliminating those comments with fair dialogue with customers. Now here come two things either to give them the service or to refund the money. We suggested to give them a service again. Because refund of money is something which is coming as loss for the company. So most of the customers were happy about giving them service again. This way we kept the negative comments on a lower side.

  2. It’s true that customer is the king. We should treat the customer as the king. Even after the sale is done there should a constant touch with customer. For ex giving them some complementary offer or discount. The two thing we should expect is one business and then good reputation on social media. Just request to give a thanks / feedback on our social platform so that others feel yes the company is good and genuine.

  3. With more and more dialogues with customers through digital medium the less of complaints and less cost of complaints. Because no one likes dump and deaf. If there is proper reply, then there will be less of complaints hence cost involved in it will reduce considerably.

  4. We should make sure whatever we promise to clients, do we offer them and that too on time. Are all the commitments written on the website is crisp and clear with terms and conditions if any? Because most of the time customer gets confused what’s written on website and what they actually get in the end. So we should be clear enough when there is any announcement or statement given on website, social media or advertisement.