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What is digital marketing and how to be positive

As the phrase says digital marketing, its all digital with less offline marketing.. will tell you in brief later. As this subject is very vast and require immense explanation.

You may also agree with me. Well myself Sunil Nair. I am into digital marketing for more than 10 years and worked with many SEO companies and done lots of free lancing projects . The journey was not that easy. Lots of ups and down. Thanks to google changing algorithms .

We poor seo’s have to adjust accordingly..Will write about my experience one by one just visit my blog often 🙂

So here I start. To begin with what is digital marketing. In today’s competitive world everyone wants sales and that also in quick span of time.

There were old methods of marketing like direct marketing, phone marketing, offline marketing, hoirding / banner marketing etc. which is rather fortunately or unfortunately still there.

We always procrastinate digital marketing . Or rather we are a procrastinators when it comes to digital marketing. But people are now understanding the power of search engines, social networks which is so powerful that it cam boom any business like anything.

Now corporate, SMEs are trying digital marketing as their medium of marketing. Because this is the real way to attract the traffic or potential customers to your website. Thus adding to your revenue and ROI.

Let me explain you how digital marketing is divided

It is divided in to

SEO that is search engine optimization
SMO – Social media optimization
PPC – Pay per click
Ad networks
Local Classifieds
Blogs, Articles, Press Releases
Social Bookmarks
Email Marketing
Forums, Community & Groups

Now when we integrate all these we can set up a real digital marketing for any business. But before setting up you have to understand the business logic and the competitors and products.

Because without understanding you won’t land anywhere. You will be like in a desert where you go on and on without knowing your destination what so ever. So be precise and very clear about what are your objectives and goals before setting up anything.

In digital marketing it is always smart work rather than hardwork. I won’t say hardwork doesn’t pay but in digital marketing smart work pays.

Smart work doesn’t mean that you are using paid and unnatural links pointing to your website. It is doing ethical seo. Allays keep in mind when you are doing seo, it is useful for end user and not for search engines.

Recently google had penalized lots of paid and unnatural link building website as well as the website which takes their website services to promote them. All google need is natural and it should not effect its search results.

Always read googles Terms and conditions before you start your seo work . It clearly says that you should not use any redirects, quality of the content, external links pointing to your website. Your website architecture etc.

If you are availing a service of seo company make sure that they are not using any unethical ways of marketing your products. Unethical precisely if I say is black hat seo or unnatural link building to your website. See its not their mistakes because they are flooded with lots of projects and all customers wants their website on top in google. Hence they choose an easy way or an automated way to post your links on some paid or link farming websites.

It some times work. But if you are caught then it will be very difficult to your website back to same position. Your website will be thrown on last page of google. So when ever you choose an seo company choose very wisely and always make sure that they are doing an ethical work for your website. Ask for a daily submission report and if possible have an in house seo professional who can cross check these links.

Having said all about these tricks of seo, I will tell you guys a story of a hardworking person

“There was a man working with a wood company. And his name was Tom. He was working for that company for past 5 years and he was very very hard working. But was paid only 5 thousand rupees per month.

One day company hired another person called sam with same salary. And after 6 months he got an increment of 3 thousand and again after 6 months he got the increment of 3 thousand, now his salary was 11 thousand. Seeing all these Tom got annoyed and went to the owner of the company and asked why this double standard he got 6 thousand in 1 year and I have got no increment in 5 years. And I am also doing the same job what he is doing. This is very unfair what company is doing to me.

The owner said that he is cutting more trees than you . And in 12 months he have doubled the cutting ratio of trees. On other hand you are cutting the same number of trees for 5 years. Hence you are deprived of increment. Whereas he got the increment. Listening all these Tom went back and started to work more harder to cut more trees but he was not able to cut more trees.

He went back to the owner and told that he is not able to cut more trees as he tried his best. So the owner suggested tom to discuss with sam. He might be doing some thing different that you and me don’t know.

Go and discuss with him and learn how is cutting more trees in less time and more than you. Tom said ok that’s a good idea and went to sam and asked sam how he could cut more trees.

Sam replied that its simple. After he cuts each trees he takes a 5 minutes break and sharps his axe. Once his axe is sharpe he can cut more trees in less time. He asked when you have sharpened your axe list time. He told sharp your axe more often and see the results.

Same way guys you do hard work in seo but if its not mixed with smart work things won’t work like this. Its also a knowledge that has to be sharpened each and every day. Or it won’t get its sharpness. In short I mean is that you have to be always in touch with google changing algorithms .

Do keep visiting my blog I will be adding lots of articles related to digital marketing, leading a positive life etc.