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NMMT new Bus routes from Nere Mahalakshmi Nagar to Panvel railway and to Taloja MIDC

NMMT administration has decided to launch two new routes in Panvel. From Railway Station to Nare and another route to the Haikal Company, it will provide relief to the citizens of MIDC aand other citizens of the area.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation had demanded to start bus service in the Palo Industrial Estate and Neare area. A large number of developmental works are underway in this area and urban dwellings are increasing.

NMMT administration has decided to launch two new ways by taking cognizance of the citizens. The 77-way route will be from Panvel Railway Station to Abhayudaya Bank, Shreyas Hospital, New Bus Station, Sukhapur Circle, Sukapur Village, Government Hostel Bhalewadi, Vavje Phata, Chipla Phata, Koproli Village, Royal Midoz, Mahalaxmi Nagar Gate, Parijash Society and Mahalaxmi Nagar Nere sec 3.

Is there. NMMT’s 78-point bus route will be started from the railway station to Panvel bus station, New Panvel Bridge, Thana Naka, Khanda village, Asudgaon Depot, Kalamboli Circle, Bima Complex, Regional Transport Office Kalamboli, Khidukapada, Naude Village, Nabed Phata, Pendra Phata, Dena Bank, Hindalco Company, United Van Der Horst, Deepak Fertilizers, Rakhar Fata, IGPL Highway, Exide Battery Company to Haikal Company There’s going to be a way.

Due to the introduction of two new buses, the workers in the industrial colonies will benefit from this huge amount. Besides, there are fast construction in the Nare area and thousands of construction workers are also going there every day. Apart from this, urbanization will help the citizens who have gone to get to the railway station to reach the railway station.


Search engine optimization (SEO) Strategy

The following article in which the strategy is divided into two that is onpage and offpage. I have given a detailed analysis after each point. That is description and its benefits as well as impact on the same. This will give a clear idea for the client as well as for SEO person who is performing the activity for the client. Please following below guidelines. This will be beneficial for you

ON Page Optimization Activity

Website Structure Optimization

Description :Website Structure Optimization is the process of optimizing the website seo friendly. With proper navigation, url structure, bread crumbs, alt tags and site map connected with the home page of the website.

Benefits / Impact : After doing this activity for any website, the website will be seo friendly and search engine crawlers can easily navigate through the website thus there will be an increase in traffic to the website along with keywords raking in search engines.

Content Optimization:

Description: Content Optimization is the process of optimizing the content with relevant keywords which we are targeting after analyzing the competition. We will include the keywords in to the content where ever applicable so that its search engine and user friendly.

Benefits / Impact : We will do a competitive analysis and Keyword research for the website and include the keywords in content. We will make sure we are including right type of keywords that our competitors are using. The impact will be our keywords will rank in search engines above our competitors.

Image Optimization

Description: Image optimization is the process of including targeted keyword or key phrase on the image. The keyword should describe about the image. This is helpful for search engines and both users preservative.

Benefits / Impact : We will do an image optimization process for the website and will make sure all the images are properly described with targeted keywords. This activity will make sure that we are also listed in google images as well as in google search since image optimization plays an important role in load time of the website along with keyword density.

HTML code optimization

Description: HTML code optimization is the process of compressing the HTML code and making the website code to content ratio less. Because search engines don’t crawl code it will only crawl content. This will also make sure website load time also increase.

Benefits / Impact : After doing HTML code optimization for the website. The loading time will improve with search engine spiders crawling entire website. Traffic or visitors to the website will increase with top ranking of keywords in search engine.

Meta tag creation & optimization

Description: META tags are essential tags which describe your web site to the search engine spiders. META tags now are responsible for telling the spiders what your site is about. What your META tag says may determine what kind of description your site has on search engine results.

Benefits / Impact : We will implement meta tags, description and keywords for all the pages of the client website after doing a competitor analysis. We will include the meta tags with keywords which our competitors are using to come on top in search results. This will increase the traffic or visitors to the website also our keywords will rank in search engines.

HTML Site map creation

Description: By adding a link to an HTML site map on the home page or simply globally in the footer, we can ensure that search engines have the ability to crawl every page on the website

Benefits / Impact: We will update / include the current sitemap and will make sure all links are included in sitemap. This will make sure search crawlers can easily crawl entire website without any roadblocks. Also this will increase user experience.

Creation & Regular Updation of Google XMLSitemap

Description: XML sitemap is basically used to submit website contents & urs in google database or in google webmaster tool. XML sitemap crawls entire website and makes easy for google spider to crawl the website. An XML is updated whenever there is any new page added in the website.

Benefits / Impact: We will add / update the current xml site map and include a new xml sitemap. By doing this google crawler can crawl new pages included by the portal. This will increase the visitors to the website.

Google Analytics Setup & Monitoring

Description: Google Analytics is basically used to measure the traffic or visitors to the website. This tool by google enables to find the traffic coming from which region, what kind of audience are coming. Per day traffic, weekly, monthly etc with visitor time spend on website etc.

Benefits / Impact: We will integrate GA code in the website. We will be giving client a detailed monthly reports. This will help client to work more on the keywords which are bringing traffic to the website.

Robots.txt Optimization

Description: Robots.txt is basically used to invite / block search engine spiders to crawl the website. Robots.txt is useful when you don’t want to show certain pages such as admin, email or control panel pages to be crawled in search engines.

Benefits / Impact: We will update or add robots.txt by including or inviting more search engine crawlers. This will help website to get listed in other search engines like bing, yahoo etc.

RSS Feed Generation & RSS Syndication

Description: RSS is called really simple syndication. RSS is an xml file, basically RSS feed is used to submit news, press release, articles on various news or press release websites automatically.

Benefits / Impact: We will be making an RSS feed where its press release/ news will be included in news / pr websites. By doing this activity we will get page views as well as back links and popularity in search engines.

Off Page Optimization Activity

Manual Relevant Directory Submission

Description: Relevant directory submission is the process of including website url /urls with its title, description and keywords within its same theme. For example if the website is for Aluminum manufacturing. Then the website should be included in Aluminum manufacturing category. This is basically used to generate back links for the website. Since backings plays an important role in ranking of the website.

Benefits / Impact: We will manually submit website url in relevant category in reputed directories. This will make sure ABG will get relevant quality back links which will help in ranking in search engines.


Article Creation & Submissions

Description: Article creation is the process of creating article relevant to the keyword which is aimed to rank in search engines. By doing this a one way link is obtained from article website. Which will boost the ranking of the website. Where as in article submission the articles are included in article submission websites.

Benefits / Impact: We will create high quality articles for the landing pages after including relevant keyword which we are targeting to rank in search engines. We will include the articles on high page rank websites, this will help to get relevant back links and traffic to the website.


Press Distribution

Description: A press release is made when there is an announcement / product launch / service launch etc. PR helps to get traffic and back links to the website from PR distribution website.

Benefits / Impact: We will distribute or submit client websites press release in high page rank and quality website. This will make sure getting quality traffic and ranking.


Social Bookmarking

Description: Social bookmarking is the process of bookmarking stories which has to be promoted in search engines. Search engines pick up website which are listed in social website fast also ranks it fast.

Benefits / Impact: We will be doing social bookmarking for client. We will be including website urls in high quality websites with high PR. This will ensure that,will get traffic as well as ranking for its keywords in search engines.


You may contact me at 9820831800 or email me at for more details

SEO Training Course and Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai

Hi Friends,

This is Sunil Nair. I am an digital marketing expert and having more than 10 years experience in online marking sector. I work as a digital marketing manager in a reputed firm at navi mumbai. I also take regular SEO classes as well as weekend classes for working people. On Regular days the classes are conducted at evening 2 hrs because I am working and come home by 7:30, So the evening classes starts from 8 PM to 10 PM.  And at on week ends its  full time that is from 12 PM to 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday. The course is done at a very affordable price and I also make assistance for Job placement.

Following below are the topics of the course

Search Engine Basic
Search Engines
Search Engines V/S directory
Major search engines and directories
Page Rank
Website Architecture
Essentials of good website designing
How the Search Engine works

On Page Optimization

Meta Tags
Creating Robots file
Header and footer
Creating sitemaps
Optimizing Seo content
Image tag optimization
Keyword Density Analysis
Anchor Text
URL renaming/re-writing
Google webmaster tools

Keywords Research and Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Website
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Finding Appropriate Keywords.

Off Page Optimization

Submission to search engines
Local marketing
Directory Submission
Blog Submission
Article Submission
Free Classifieds
Press Releases
Video optimization
Link Building
How to promote home page
Promoting Subsequent pages of the website
Black Hat / White Hat
Blog Comments

Google Adsense Training
Affiliate Marketing Training
Google Analytics Training
Social Media Optimization(SMO) Training
Facebook Training
Twitte Trainingr
Linked in Training
URL Shortening Tools
Using Tools and Applications for SMO
Social Bookmarking Training

What You Will Learn:

Introduction to search engine optimization (SEO).
How to create effective page Title Tags.
How to create an effective and optimized META Description Tag.
How to create an effective and optimized META Keywords Tag.
How to research and select appropriate keywords to target.
How to successfully integrate search keywords within your web site copy.
How to optimize each page of your web site step-by-step.
Overview of important search engines and directories.
How to submit your site to important search directories.
An overview of what search engines consider to be “spam”.
Web design elements to avoid to ensure your site is search
engine compatible.
How to monitor your search rankings and site traffic.

To join the course please call Sunil Nair 9820831800 or email

Ashish Deora my old friend I met him in Navi Mumbai

Ashish Deora is my good friend and a good colleague. Who was with me at Navi Mumbai. We met after I guess around 10 years. And it was really fun meeting again my old friend. As I am into digital marketing for past so many years.

I an remember Ashish Deora as my first colleague in my first office in CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. Actually he was also a fresher at that point of time, just like me. At I guess 2003, the time digital marketing was not that boom. We got into online marketing stuff, We both worked and simultaneously learned. Our boss was kind hearten that he allowed both of us to learn new techniques to learn.

And most importantly to learn SEO from Starch. Today he is working with a well known brand as a digital marketing manager. Not too far I am also working as a Manager in a good firm.

It took good hard work and dedication from both of us that took us here. Because its always your intelligence that leads you to the success.

Its my personal experience until and unless you wont taste failure you cannot taste success. This is what my friend and college Ashish also told me.

Oops I am going off topic I guess. And after I met my friend. We discussed lots of our old talks and about future prospects. Then I called him to meet my family and had a small get together.

All these happened because of a social networking site. I would not name that social network website. But its famous and every one is using it. I hope now every one knew what website I am talking about.

IS Mumbai Still Safe for our Sisters.

Its really a shame what happened in Mumbai past week. Mumbai was so called safe place for woman, is no more safe. As a 23 year old Photojournalist was brutally gang raped by 5 monsters in the heart of the city in a deserted Mill.

Its a slap on all our faces and its the high time to strengthen our judicial system. With harsh punishment for the monsters who does it. My personal opinion is that the culprits should not be given a death punishment, because death will be a very small punishment for them. They should die each and everyday & every day they should ask for death or rather plead for death.

I think both their hands and legs should be chopped off and should be left on streets to beg . Then they will understand the pain and will die each and every day. This is the justice which should be implemented. strictly

This will make sure that no one dares to do this sought of crime again.

And as an old proverb says that as you sow so shall you reap is pretty correct. We should groom our childrens in a better way. We should educate them. Correct them when they do any thing wrong and show them the right path.

Because its all in our hands. We should first be a role model for them. This way we can reduce the crime rate that is alarmingly increasing in our city as well as in our country.

I would recommend education and only education which will bring end to this crime rate. Because as we see the crime are usually done by illiterate youths. I know is education is little expansive in private schools.

But our government have opened lots of schools where eduction is free and given afternoon healthy meals. Which is a help for any poor families.

Educate your child make your child a better citizen. And teach them how to respect each women as their our sisters.

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