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The challenge I faced in SEO and Digital Marketing for my client

Hello Friends,

Having said before that it takes lots of efforts to keep your keywords on top in search engines. So as an Internet marketing professional I too had to face the music by Google. 

As you all guys know there was a penguin update done on April 2012 by Google and most of the websites lost its ranking due to unnatural links pointing to their website which Google says it has detected or discovered  and thus penalized all the websites.

Hence my client’s website also becomes one of the victims of google penguin update. We were not knowing all these as client told us after some days of signing our contract  with their company. Prior giving contract to us the client had given contract to some other seo company in Srilanka. Who have done this unnatural link building to gain fast ranking in google.

Ok Leave that story behind of Srilankan company.  We found that in webmaster tool that client had got a message from Google saying about the unnatural links to their website.

We have done an in-depth analysis of the website back links and removed most of the links. There were lots of links from BMR  website that is Build my Rank.  It was a really big and challenging task as first of all the links have to be removed and then again build quality and natural links to the website.

We are now in process of doing it. Now its almost 3 months over now we have made good back links and clients keywords in google are also showing after we sent a reconsideration to google with all proof that we have removed the links


Sunil Nair

  1. August 3, 2012 at 10:04 am

    Your not the only one that felt that one. I watched a lot of sites lose rank. I think I was lucky, I went the other way!

  2. August 3, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Yes you are indeed really lucky Anton. That you have not lost any ranking. But in my case it was a real challenge which i have solved 90%. But still traces are left.

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